In no other country or at any other time has the demand for good bake stuffs been so great as it is at the present time in this country. The time has now come whether it be in the home of the humblest workman or in the mansion of the rich, the cook or housewife is more praised and esteemed for her good Bread, Biscuits, Pastries and Cakes than for anything else. It is a very common thing to hear a woman say, O I had such good luck with my baking. But the next time "I am mad" I had such bad luck with my baking.

There it is one time good and maybe three times bad luck.

How she does envy the woman that can say "my baking is always good."

In looking over the long list of books on the market it is impossible to see how the inexperienced cook or housewife can learn to bake successfully from them. Before any success in baking can be expected the housewife or cook must learn some of the principles of baking, and also learn something of the materials she will use.

It is the object of this book to show in plain language all who are interested how to become successful in the art of baking, and to give such plain, full and complete instructions with each recipe that every person will be sure of success.

Good judgment and common sense are essential til all baking: but the only judgment and common sense necessary with this book is to follow its instructions.

The cause of failure is the lack of knowledge, the proper instructions have not been received, the recipes may be good but the proper and complete instruction does not accompany them.

The work herein laid out before the reader is the result of years of careful and successful experiments, and if the purchaser of this book will give it a little time and study she will be sure of success.

Hunter Book Co., St, Louis, Mo.