Plain Cherry Pie

Wash and seed enough cherries for one pie, to each cup of cherries take three-fourths cupful sugar more or less, amount of sugar depending on the sourness of your cherries, line pie pan with your pie dough and fill, sprinkle a little flour over the cherries, put on top crust and bake in hot oven until a light brown and until the filling boils up through holes in crust.

Cherry Custard Pie

Line a pie plate with your pie dough, lay enough cherries in bottom to make about one-third of the thickness of the pie. Make a custard of the following: Yolks of two eggs, three tablespoonful sugar, one tablespoonful cornstarch or two of flour, one cup of milk and a pinch of salt, whip this, thoroughly mixing it, pour on cherries and put in stove and bake, when baked have ready the whites beaten stiff with two tablespoonful sugar added, spread on top and return to oven and brown.

Best Cherry Pie

Line a pie tin with your pie dough and put in enough washed and seeded cherries to make about one-third the thickness of the pie, dissolve one ounce of gelatin in one pint of water, add two tablespoonful of granulated sugar, mix well, pour over the cherries and bake, when done let cool a little. Then have ready the whites of two or three eggs whipped stiff with two tablespoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt added. Let pie cool a little and spread the whites on it and return to oven and brown.