One cup butter.

Three-fourths cup lard.

Two cupsful sugar.

One cupful sour milk.

One level teaspoonful soda.

Two eggs.

Two teaspoonful flavoring.

Rub the sugar, butter and lard to a cream, dissolve the soda in the sour milk and mix in thoroughly, beat the eggs and add, add flavoring and mix in, then add enough flour to make a medium stiff dough, roll out with rolling pin and cut with round cutter, brush the surplus flour off and bake.

Note. Always set cookies apart, giving them room to run while baking.

Sugar Cookies

One pound sugar.

Half pound lard.

Two eggs.

One-half pint milk.

Three tablespoonful water.

Two teaspoonful baking powder.

For flavoring you can use any of the following; Lemon, vanilla, almond, strawberry, banana, mace, nutmeg or cinnamon.

Two pounds, four ounces sugar.

Rub together the sugar, lard and eggs, add the milk, water and flavoring, and mix, sift the baking powder in the flour and mix in, roll out when you have it almost thin enough, brush the flour off and sprinkle with sugar, then roll to thinness desired, cut out and bake.