Cream Pie

Three cups cream.

Three tablespoonful cornstarch.

Yolks of three eggs.

One tablespoonful lemon extract.

Take cream, cornstarch and yolks and whip together, then put on stove and boil until it thickens, take off stove and stir in lemons. Line pie tin with your pie dough and bake in oven, stick pie dough with fork before baking, this will let the steam from under it, keeping the crust from raising up, put in filling and hake, when baked have ready the whites beaten stiff with half cup sugar added, spread on top and return to oven and brown.

Cream Pie. No. 2.

Three cups milk.

Two eggs.

Three tablespoonful cornstarch.

One teaspoon lemon or orange extract.

Whip together the eggs, milk, extract and cornstarch until smooth. Put in pie tin lined with your pie dough and bake in hot oven.