Devils Food Cake

One pound brown sugar.

One and one-half pounds flour.

Four eggs.

Four ounces good butter.

Half pint sweet milk.

Three teaspoonful baking powder.

Teaspoonful vanilla.

Four ounces grated chocolate.

Cream half the sugar and butter, cream in the eggs one at a time, put vanilla in half the milk and add a little at a time mixing in thoroughly. Then take the grated chocolate, balance of the sugar and the milk, put in pan and put on the stove to get warm, stir so the ingredients will get thoroughly mixed, then mix it in with the above, bake in two or three layers and put together with a good icing.

Devils Food Cake. No. 2

Eight ounces bakers chocolate.

Two pounds powdered sugar.

One and one-half pint sweet milk.

Half pound good butter.

Six eggs.

Three pounds, four ounces flour.

Three light tablespoonful baking powder.

Take the chocolate and put in half pint milk and set on stove until dissolved, cream the butter, sugar and eggs, then add the chocolate and milk, letting it cool first, add the rest of the milk and thoroughly mix, add the flour with the baking powder sifted in it, mix fully but lightly, divide into two layers, and bake when cool ice.