Lady Fingers

One pound powdered sugar.

One pound flour.

Fifteen eggs.

Lemon flavor.

Beat the yolks and whites separately, cream the sugar and egg yolks, adding the yolks a little at a time, add flavoring, then add the beaten whites, mixing in very lightly, then add the flour mix in very lightly but fully. Make a paper funnel with half inch opening and fill with the dough, run onto paper, in the shape of a finger, dust with sugar and set on another pan turned upside down, lady fingers require heat from the top, when baked let cool, then turn the paper over with the cakes stuck to it and wet with water turn back and lift the fingers off, stick two together.

Lady Fingers. No. 2

One pound powdered sugar.

Whites of twelve eggs.

Yolks of six eggs.

Two teaspoonful lemon extract.

One teaspoonful baking powder.

Beat the yolks, then cream the sugar and yolks together, add the yolks to the sugar, little by little until all in, add the flavoring, and mix, sift the baking powder with one cup of flour, and mix in just a little, beat the egg whites very stiff, mix in very lightly but fully, then add enough more flour to make a soft dough (make dough just as soft as you can handle it) roll out to about half inch thick and cut with lady finger cutter, set in pan lined with brown paper, dampen tops with water and sprinkle with powdered sugar, bake in moderate oven, when cold turn paper over and wet bottom side of cakes, turn back, pull cakes off and stick two together.