Orange Cake

Two pounds pulverized sugar.

Two and one-half pounds flour.

One and one-half pounds butter.

Sixteen eggs.

One tablespoonful vanilla.

Rub the sugar and butter together until light and white, add the eggs two at a time, whipping them in well with a good strong egg whip, sift the baking powder and flour together three or four times, add, mixing in very lightly, add flavoring and mix. Fill well greased mould, and bake in slow oven, when cold ice with plain or boiled icing.

Silver Cake

One pound butter.

One pound powdered sugar.

One pound, four ounces flour.

Whites of twenty eggs.

One teaspoonful baking powder.


Cream the sugar and butter, add the flavoring and mix, beat the whites very stiff, add a little at a time, mixing in lightly, sift the flour and baking powder to gether five times and mix in very light. Grease mould and dust with flour, knock out the surplus flour, line bottom with paper and grease, bake in a slow oven, about two hours.