Plum Pudding

One pound sugar.

One pound raisins.

One pound currants.

One-half pound citron and orange peel.

One pound suet chopped fine.

Five eggs.

Three teaspoonful soda. Three teaspoonful cinnamon. Two teaspoonful salt. One pint water.

Flour enough to make medium soft dough Mix all together, put in sack and boil for five hours. Let set in cool dry place for one month. When you want to use it heat and serve with wine or brandy sauce.

Fruit Roll

Take any kind of pie fruit that is not too juicy. Make puff paste or a good pie dough, roil out to one-fourth inch thick, spread the filling all over it, except about an inch around the edge, roll up same as jelly roll, seal the ends and lay in pan with the joined side down, bake in moderate oven until a nice brown, cut into slices and serve with sweetened whipped cream, or the following sauce: One cup water, one tea-spoonful cornstarch, two tablespoonful melted butter, half cupful sugar, lemon flavoring, mix the cornstarch and water, add the rest and cook.