Sponge Cake

Nine eggs.

Half pound powdered sugar.

Twelve ounces flour.

Four ounces cornstarch.

Lemon or vanilla flavoring.

Beat the yolks of the eggs, then put in bowl and cream in the sugar a little at a time, then beat the egg whites very stiff and add a few at a time, mixing in lightly but thoroughly, mix in the flavoring, then mix in the flour fully but lightly. Bake slowly and well in paper lined tin, in a moderate oven.

Sponge Cake. No. 2

One pound powdered sugar.

Thirteen eggs.

One pound, two ounces flour.

Lemon flavoring.

Make the sugar luke warm, add the eggs, one or two at a time and wisk until they assume a very light yellow color, then add the flavoring beat in with a few turns of the wisk, clean the side of the pan and wisk in then clean the wisk, add the flour, sifting it in slowly and mixing it in fully but lightly, put in properly prepared mould and bake in moderate oven.

Note. The colder the sponge is at time of adding flour, the better the cake will be.