Sweet Potato Pie

One and one-half cup boiled and pulped sweet potatoes.

One and one-half cupfuls milk.

Three-fourths cup sugar.

One-half teaspoonful lemon or two tablespoonful brandy.

Yolks of two eggs (save whites).

Mix the potato, milk, sugar, eggs, salt and flavoring all together. Line a pie tin with a rich pie dough and bake in a hot oven until a light brown. Beat the whites stiff, adding tablespoonful sugar, spread on top and return to oven and brown.

Sliced Sweet Potato Pie

Peel the potatoes and bake, when cool slice in small slices into a deep pan lined with a good crusty lay a layer of slices, sprinkle with sugar, repeat until pie is filled, put two tablespoonful melted butter in, pour in a little milk or cream, put on top crust and bake in hot oven a light brown.