Fresh Fruit Filling

Wash and pick over the fruit, then wash, add enough powdered sugar to sweeten, spread between the layers, ice the top.

Peach Cream Filling

Take good ripe peaches, peel and cut in thin slices lay on the cake and pour over the peaches, sweet cream whipped to a froth and sweetened with powdered sugar.

Orange Filling

Grate one large or two small oranges, beat the white of one egg with one cup powdered sugar added, then add the grated orange and whip in, spread between the layers.

Fig Filling

To two cups finely chopped figs take one cup sugar, add a little water and set on the fire and let boil until the syrup threads from the spoon, let set until almost cool, then spread between the layers.

Fig Filling. No. 2

Take two cups finely chopped figs and one cup sugar and set on the fire and boil until the syrup threads from the spoon, then beat the whites of two eggs very stiff, pour the figs into the eggs, stirring all the time, spread between the layers.

Apple Filling

Peel and slice some good cooking apples, put them on the fire with sugar enough to sweeten, when soft mash and run through a fine sieve, add a small piece of butter and the juice of one lemon or one teaspoonful lemon extract, when cold spread between the layers.

Banana Filling

Take good ripe bananas that are free from rotten and black places and mash up fine, mix in a little sweet cream and enough powdered sugar to sweeten. Put between the layers.

Nut Filling

One cupful sugar.

Whites of two eggs.

One cup chopped nuts.

Put the sugar in a pan add two teaspoonful water, let boil until it threads from the spoon, beat the whites stiff, pour the boiled sugar into the eggs stirring all the time, then stir the nuts in adding them a little at a time and whipping them in.

Cream Filling

Whip one cup good sweet cream to a froth, add sugar to sweeten and flavor to taste.

Marshmallow Filling

Three-fourths cup sugar.

One-fourth cup milk.

One-fourth pound marshmallows.

Two tablespoonful hot water.

Half teaspoonful vanilla.

Put the hot water on the sugar and set on the fire and let boil until it drops or threads from the spoon, add the milk, then the marshmallows, stirring them until dissolved, let boil until it thickens a little, take from the fire then, add the vanilla, let cool a little then put between the layers and on top and sides.

Caramel Filling

Two cups brown sugar.

Tablespoonful butter.

One cup cream.

Two teaspoonful vanilla.

Dampen the sugar with a little water and set on the fire and let boil a minute, then stir in the butter, then the cream, let boil until it gets hard, when dropped in water, then remove from the fire and put in the vanilla, stirring it in. Let cool a little, it will then be ready to put between the layers, on top and side, set in the warmer or front part of the stove a few minutes to dry.