Take Yeast-Raised Pastry, roll out into squares large enough to lap over the apples; peel apples and core them, leaving the apples whole; place the apples in the center of the square pieces of dough, which must be previously brushed over with water; fill the hole in center of apple with a mixture of sugar, a little cinnamon and a few currants; then lap the dough over the apples from all sides, and set them, smooth side up, on well-greased baking sheets; prick with fork around the side of the apple to permit the steam to draw off while baking; also make a hole on top reaching down to the hole in the apple; allow to rest for 20 minutes, then brush over with egg water and bake in moderate oven. When done withdraw from oven, sprinkle with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, then re-enter in oven for 2 minutes.