Use either Sweet Dough No. 1 or No. 2. Keep the dough as soft as can be handled. They can either be made up in 2-oz. cakes or large 1-lb. cakes.

For 2-oz. cakes roll into round balls, allow to rise 20 minutes, then flatten with palm of hand, brush over with melted butter, prick with fork and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. For 1-lb. cake weigh off into 18-oz. pieces, roll into round balls, allow to rest for 20 minutes, roll out into squares 9x7 inches, place on baking sheets, brush over with melted butter, prick well with fork and bestrew with a mixture of granulated sugar and cinnamon.

The proper proportion for this mixture of sugar is 1 oz. cinnamon to 1 lb. of sugar.

Allow to rise until very light, then bake in moderately brisk oven.

How To Bake Streuhsel Cake

Proceed the same as for cinnamon cake, except bestrew top with the following Streuhsel, instead of the mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

Streuhsel is prepared in the following manner:

Sift 1 lb. of flour with 1/2 lb. sugar and 1/2 oz. cinnamon; mix thoroughly; then add 4 oz. hot butter. Work the whole into crumbs. It is then ready to be sprinkled on the top of the cakes. A few chopped almonds can be added for either Cinnamon or Streuhsel Cake.