196 lbs. (1 bbl.) flour.

2 lbs. Fleischmann's Yeast.

3 lbs. salt.

3 lbs. sugar (better use half malt extract).

2 lbs. lard.

60 to 64 quarts of water.

This bread is best made over the Straight-dough method.

Dissolve the salt and yeast separately in part of the water, add the salt solution to the bulk of the water, then add sugar, and next the flour. Start to mix, and after machine is in operation, add the yeast. Continue to mix for several minutes, then add the lard or other shortening that may be used in place of it. Mix dough thoroughly for 15 or 20 minutes. After mixing, allow to rise until it will recede to the touch of the hand. Lay over by pulling the ends and sides well in, and allow to rise again until light the second time. It is then ready to be scaled and formed into loaves.

Allow to prove until double in size, then bake in medium hot oven.

If the oven is not steam-tight, or no steam is available, then bread requires 2 1/2 times original size for proper proof.

How To Bake Oven Sole Bread

Use same ingredients as for plain bread, and give same age to dough.

The dough must be made stiffer, and only 56 to 60 quarts of water are added to the barrel of flour.

It is always best to round up pieces and allow to spring on for 10 to 15 minutes before moulding into loaves. A good supply of steam in oven will greatly improve this kind of bread.