How To Bake Speckkuchen No. 1

Take either Sweet Dough No. 1 or No. 2, or better Yeast-Raised Pastry.

Line a baking sheet the same as for apple cake. Wisk eggs thoroughly (6 to 8 eggs for a medium-size cake) and pour into the lined baking sheet. Then divide the speck previously cut into small squares over the surface of the cake, sprinkle with a little salt and bake in hot oven.

How To Bake Speckkuchen No. 2

Line a baking sheet very thin with fermented rye dough. Scald one cup of farina with sufficient boiling milk into a thick paste and allow to cool; then mix with six yolks, a little salt, a few caraway seeds and one fair-sized smothered onion. Then beat the white of eggs to a froth and add to this mixture; cover the lined baking sheet with this, wash over with egg wash and then sprinkle with little squares of speck.