Mr. George Mee, of London, England, says he has for some time adopted a plan for securing fresh lemons at all seasons of the year, by simply varnishing them with a solution of shellac in spirit of wine. As an experiment, we kept a lemon for many months in this way.

When the peel is desired for flavoring, the lemon may be simply kneaded with the hands. The skin of shellac readily peels off and leaves the rind quite unimpaired. This process, we suppose, will apply to oranges also.


In order successfully to grate the rind of lemons and oranges, the grater should be extremely coarse. This is absolutely necessary, owing to the tendency of the moist rind to cake and pack into the openings of the grater. If this is properly looked to, the grating will be found a very easy task, otherwise, a very difficult one.