Asparagus With Gravy

Cut the asparagus as far as tender into half-inch pieces, and cook until tender in boiling, salted water. Take out the asparagus in a dish, and have ready some nice pieces of zwieback; dip them in the water in which the asparagus was boiled. Lay them in a dish, and the asparagus on top, then make a gravy of 1 pint of almond or raw peanut milk, thickened with a tablespoonful of white flour. Salt to taste, and pour over the asparagus and toast. Serve at once.

Asparagus With Nut Cream

Cook finely sliced asparagus in water until very tender, salting a few moments before done. Flavor with almond cream made by dissolving 1 teaspoonful of almond or raw peanut butter to 1 pint of the asparagus with its juice. Roasted peanut butter does not blend so well with asparagus.

Asparagus With Egg Sauce

Select very tender asparagus cut in one-inch lengths, and stew until tender. Salt while cooking. Pour over the cooked asparagus an egg gravy; serve warm. Make gravy as directed elsewhere. (See index.)

Asparagus Soups

Take some nicely toasted bread that has been toasted or browned clear through, and moisten by dipping into a dish of hot water and removing at once. Place on the dish on which it is to be served, and spread over the top a few spoonfuls of the asparagus with egg gravy. Serve hot. (See index for directions for egg gravy.)