Celery With Gravy

Take very brittle celery, wash well, cut in one-half finger lengths, and cook until very tender. Then drain, saving the water in which it was cooked, and adding enough to it to make a cream sauce as follows : To I pint of water dissolve 1 tablespoonful of almond butter or 2 tablespoonfuls of raw peanut cream, and when boiling, thicken with 1 teaspoonful of white flour; salt to taste. Pour over the cooked celery and serve hot. A beaten egg may be added if desired.

To Use Cold Cooked Celery

When any cooked potatoes and celery is left over from a dinner, a very palatable dish may be made by chopping the potatoes and cutting the celery up quite fine. Mix thoroughly, and warm in the steamer, or double boiler.

Curled Celery

Select nice tender celery, clean well, and cut off the stems where they begin to branch for the leaves. Slice the stock in three or four slits to near the center from both ends, leaving a piece that is whole in the center about one to two inches long. Place them in ice-water, and in twenty minutes the slices of stocks will be curled nicely. Serve them stacked upon a celery tray. In eating, the little curls are to be broken off with the fingers.