Unleavened Biscuit

Take 4 eggs, 4 tablespoonfuls of nut butter, 4 cups of granose flakes, salt to taste. Beat whites and yolks separately, and to the yolks add the nut butter and salt; beat to cream, fold in the stiffly beaten whites; last of all, quickly fold in the granose flakes, not waiting for every flake to be moistened. Drop in spoonfuls on oiled tins; bake fifteen minutes, or until lightly brown; 1/2 cup of sugar may be used if desired.

No. 1 Gluten

Take 5 cups of water, 13 cups white flour (Pillsbury's Best is one of the best grades of flour to make this, as it contains more gluten than some grades.) Mix the water and the flour into a loaf, knead for ten minutes, and then put in a pan and cover with water. Let it stand an hour or more, then begin to work with the hands, washing out the starch. Wash thoroughly through several waters until the water is clear; then wiping the gluten with a clean, dry cloth, cut into pieces like small biscuit, and bake in a moderately hot oven, being careful not to brown them too much, as that will make the gluten dark. Keep it where it is warm until it is thoroughly dried through, and grind through the mill. This will be No. 1 Gluten, and usually costs fifty cents a pound. The water in which it was washed can be left in a pan (earthen) overnight; then turn off the water, and the starch which is in the bottom can be dried and used in making nutmeato, and for other purposes, instead of corn-starch.

No. 3 Gluten

Take 1 cup of No. 1 Gluten, 2 cups white flour, enough cold water to make a very stiff dough, and as little water as possible. Roll into thin crackers, bake in a moderate oven (but not brown), break into pieces, and grind in the mill. A grain mill is best, as it will make it finer.