To 1 pint of warm -water, add from 1/3 to 1/2 cake of compressed yeast or its equivalent in some other kind. Use sifted flour sufficient to make a stiff sponge. It will rise in three or four hours if kept at a temperature of eighty-five degrees. When it is well risen, add 1 tablespoonful of nut butter, a little sugar, and enough more flour to make a dough as soft as can be conveniently handled and rolled. It should be rolled in layers not more than one half an inch thick, two of which may be baked on the same tin, if a trifle of fat of some kind be applied to the top of the lower one to prevent their sticking together. Let them rise until very light, and bake until well done. If the top crust seems rather hard, moisten it with a wet cloth in milk or a thin emulsion of nut butter. Turn the upper one over on to a plate, and spread it with the prepared fruit, which may be berries of any kind, sweetened to suit the taste. Put the other crust on top, covering it with a layer of the fruit. It may be served hot or cold. If plenty of fruit be used, there will be no need of cream or any other dressing.

Shortcakes may be prepared the year round by using canned fruit or stewed dried fruit. If this be in large form like plums, peaches, etc., it is better to put it through a colander before using. It will many times be found advantageous to combine acid fruit with one naturally sweet, thus saving the use of dyspepsia-producing cane-sugar.

Apple Shortcake

Take 1 cup of some good white bread sponge, add the yolk of 1 egg and 1/4 cup of thick raw peanut cream. Mix well together, and add enough flour to roll out well. Roll out a little less than one half an inch thick, and place on an oiled tin. Put on the top some tart apples which have been pared, cored, and cut into eighths. Set in a warm place, and let it rise. When light, cook in the steam-cooker for one hour; then remove, sprinkle with sugar, or cover with a meringue made of the white of 1 egg, 1 tablespoonful of sugar, and beaten to a stiff froth. Put it on roughly, so it will be in little piles and bare places where the apple will show through. Place in the oven, and brown slightly. Serve with a cream made from cocoanut.