The strawberry is the fruit of a low-growing vine belonging to the Rose family (Rosaceae). It is the most widely distributed of all the fruit-bearing plants, growing in very cold as well as in tropical countries. The fruit is the fleshy receptacle, which becomes very juicy and edible, and is of a bright red color. The fruit contains very little cellulose and is therefore easy of digestion. The strawberry contains the nutritive elements in the right proportion, and will therefore sustain life without other food, if a sufficient amount is eaten. It contains eighty-seven per cent. of water, and one and one-tenth per cent. of albumen, six and three-tenths per cent. of sugar, five-tenths per cent. of fats, nine-tenths per cent. of malic acid, five-tenths per cent. of pectose, and eight-tenths per cent. of salts, or about ten per cent. of total nutriment. This fruit is often used as a medicine. The strawberry-cure is quite as beneficial as the grape-cure.