String well, break into inch lengths, wash thoroughly, and cook in boiling water until tender (this usually takes about two hours). Salt the water about ten minutes before they are done, then drain thoroughly, and make a gravy of almond or raw peanut milk thickened with a little white flour; salt slightly and pour on the beans. Let boil up once and serve. If preferred, the flour may be omitted.

String-Beans With Egg

Boil in salted water with a bunch of savory or parsley leaves; drain, and put them in a stew-pan with 5 tablespoon-fuls of raw peanut cream, the yolks of 3 eggs, and a little salt. Stir it constantly until of a proper thickness. A little grated onion may be added with the beans if desired.

To Can String-Beans

Wash thoroughly, string, and cut in inch lengths. Pack as tightly as possible in the cans, then fill each can with water. Tin cans are best for them, but glass cans may be used. If the tin cans are' used, they should be thoroughly washed and rinsed in boiling water before the beans are put in. After they are filled with beans and water, place on the cover and solder them. Now put in a steam-cooker or a wash-boiler, cover with water, and boil for four or five hours. If glass cans are used, they should be new ones, or if they have been used before, they should be sterilized by boiling in salted water for one hour. The rubbers should be new. Fill the same as the tin cans, put on the rubber, screw down the covers tight, cook in a steam-cooker for four or five hours, or cook in a wash-boiler by putting four or five thicknesses of cloth in the boiler. Wrap each can with a cloth to prevent breaking.