The Farm Library.

Each Volume, Net, $2.00

Soils: How to Handle and Improve Them. By S. W. Fletcher. More than 100 illustrations.

Farm Management By F. W. Card. Marketing, Accounts, Buying Land, etc. Illustrated.

Farm Animals. By E. V. Wilcox. Cow, horse, sheep, and swine are all fully dealt with. Many photographs.

Cotton. By C. H. Burkett and C. H. Poe. The only book dealing adequately with this important subject. Illustrated.

Just The Potato Book. By Eugene H. Grubb. Issued All the facts about the potato and its cultivation in one concise volume. - The most up-to-date, practical and authoritative book ever published.'

Other Books on Agriculture.

The First Book of Farming. By C. L. Goodrich. A practical, common-sense handbook. Net, $1.00.

Orchard and Fruit Garden. By E. P. Powell. Embodies the latest information. Net, $1.10.

The Vegetable Garden. By I. D. Bennett. A thorough treatment of the staples with excellent chapters on fertilizers, garden tools, etc. Net, $1.10.

How to Make a Fruit Garden. By S. W.

Fletcher. 182 illustrations. Net, $2.00.

How to Make a Vegetable Garden. By E. I.

Fullerton. 250 illustrations. Net, $2.00.

The Garden Week by Week. By Walter P Wright. 200 illustrations. Net, $2.00.

Doubleday, Page & Company Garden City New York.