During the past decade great improvements have been made in agricultural machinery. The up-to-date farmer of to-day is not content with old methods or tools, if there is no better reason for their use than that his father or grandfather used them. Every machine that will do work more cheaply or 'better finds a welcome on the strictly modern business-farmer's place.

The senior author has been intensely interested in the betterment of machines that will render farm operations more effective. Over forty years ago he made plows and agricultural machinery in a plow factory in Illinois, and appreciates the situation more than one less conversant with the details of the machinery business both from manufacturer's and user's standpoints.

It is true of makers of potato machinery that it is their desire to make an implement that will do the greatest possible service for the user, and they welcome suggestions from practical growers for improvements.

During the past twenty-five years the senior author has been responsible for a great many improvements to machinery now in use.

The increasing interest in farm machinery, or farm mechanics, is indicated by the fact that practically all of the leading agricultural colleges now have departments devoted to this subject.

It is the intention of the authors to present in this book descriptions and illustrations of a large number of implements used satisfactorily in the potato industry. This will enable the reader to form an opinion as to those best suited to his conditions.