The potato is less subject to diseases and pests in the higher mountain country where it grows wild, than in any other part of the world.

Thousands of tons of tubers - the bulk of the crop of the world, in fact - are produced where the grower must fight many kinds of fungous and insect enemies.

The large amount of work being done along the line of securing disease resistant varieties - either by selection or hybridizing - has resulted in the production of some varieties of market value for the disease infested regions, and doubtless more will be produced.

The enemies of the potato may be divided into two classes; diseases and insects.

The diseases include: Blights, Scab, Rot of various kinds, Black leg, Black scab or European wart disease.

Among the insect enemies are: Flea beetles, Colorado potato beetle, Potato bug, Potato worm, Potato stalk weevil, Potato eelworm.

One of the diseases of the potato that is attracting much attention abroad is the wart disease and steps have been taken to prevent its introduction into America. Following a discussion of this, the various blight, scab and rot diseases are described.