The following letter from Arthur W. Sutton, Royal Seed Establishment, Reading, England, explains the variety situation in Great Britain:

As regards a list of the best potatoes now grown in Great Britain, I should like to explain that it would be quite easy to double and treble the sorts mentioned in the enclosed list, but you have asked for a list of the best potatoes now grown in Great Britain, and I have therefore confined myself to those I consider the best, and those which at the same time are fairly widely cultivated.

You are of course aware that whenever a potato is introduced which proves to be of exceptional merit, a great number of other so-called novelties very rapidly appear in commerce under different names, which cannot be distinguished from the original type. This applies particularly to the class of ' Up to Date,' some of the most popular of this type of potato being ' Duchess of Cornwall,' 'The Factor,' and 'Scottish Triumph;' also types corresponding very closely to 'Sutton's Abundance, ' such as 'Cramond Blossom,' 'The Provost,' 'Diamond,' and 'The Crofter,' also to 'Lang-worthy,' which very closely resembles 'Clarke's Maincrop.'"

Following is a list of potatoes chiefly grown in Great Britain:

Earlies. Sutton's May Queen: This variety is very extensively grown, especially in the very earliest districts, such as Cornwall, Jersey, etc., and is without doubt the finest and best cropping first early.

Sutton's Ringleader: White kidney, white flesh, the earliest potato grown.

Sutton's Harbinger: A white round, white fleshed variety, an excellent cropper of superb flavor.

Sutton's Epicure: A white round, white fleshed variety. This variety is more largely grown than any other variety in the north, as the northern people prefer a round to a kidney variety. This particularly refers to Ayrshire one of the earliest districts in the United Kingdom.

Sutton's 90-fold: This is a heavy cropping white fleshed kidney, of American texture.

Sir John Llewelyn: White kidney, white flesh, a heavy cropping first early.

Duke of York: White kidney, yellow flesh, an excellent cropper, of good flavor.

Second Earlies. Sutton's Windsor Castle: A white round, white fleshed potato, heavy cropper, considered by connoiseurs to be one of the best flavored varieties in cultivation.

Sutton's Supreme: White kidney, white flesh, heavy cropper, excellent quality.

British Queen: A heavy cropping variety of good flavor, largely grown by farmers.

Sharpe's Express: White kidney, white flesh; excellent cropper, of good flavor.

Late Varieties. Sutton's White City: White kidney, white flesh, handsome shape, perfect cooking quality, and has withstood the ravages of the "black scab" or "wart disease."

Sutton's Abundance: White round, white flesh, very heavy cropper, of splendid flavor.

Sutton's Superlative: White kidney, white flesh, one of the heaviest cropping main crop varieties grown.

Up to Date: White kidney, white flesh, excellent flavor, one of the most popular varieties.

King Edward VII: Pink mottled kidney, white flesh, heavy cropper, and is largely grown in the Midlands.