It is not advisable to dry early varieties of apples, since they lack firmness and flavor. Peel, core, and slice apples in rings one-fourth inch in thickness. Arrange slices in rows on trays. Place in the sun or dry in the oven. Sun drying usually requires three or four days, while drying in the oven or with the commercial drier is very much quicker. The texture of the dried apple should be leathery, velvety, and soft.


Cut in halves and remove stones. Dry without removing the skin. Place on commercial drier, or on platters in the oven, with pit side up. Sprinkle lightly with sugar, and leave until shriveled and leathery. When dried, the peaches will look much like dried apricots.


Pare, core, and cut fruit in eighths. Use sun drying or commercial evaporator, depending on weather conditions. Pears should be dried quickly, or they will discolor. Quinces may be dried in the same way.

Blueberries and Huckleberries

Spread on trays and dry in the oven, or out of doors if the day is hot. Most excellent used in berry cakes or pies.


Dry in the sun if the day is hot, or spread on plates and dry in the oven. If a commercial drier is used, the surface of the drier must not be allowed to get too hot, or the berries will cook. Raspberries will dry in the oven in about three hours. The temperature of the oven should be increased from 125 F. to 140 F. during the period of drying. Too hot an oven will tend to cook the berries.