Canning Peas

Blanch - 5 minutes

Plunge - 10 seconds

Process - 2 1/2 or 3 hours

Peas should be canned directly after they are brought from the vines, before the sugar in them has had time to change to starch. For satisfactory results, select pods that are well developed and green. After the pods have begun to wither and the peas are hard, it is too late to use them. (See drying of peas, last chapter.)

Shell, blanch for five minutes, plunge, pack in hot jars within one inch of top; add hot water to cover, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar to a quart. Adjust rubber, cover, and clamp lightly. Two and one-half hours' processing is enough for fresh, young peas. Three hours is safer if the peas have been bought or are not strictly fresh-picked.

A cloudy appearance of the liquid in the jar after a few days does not necessarily mean spoilage, but that the peas were carelessly handled, breaking the capsule which incloses the starch, and allowing this to be set free.

If large quantities of peas are picked in the heat, do not allow them to stand in boxes or baskets. The flavor is spoiled by heating while standing in bulk. They should be spread out on tables until shelled, or they will heat through rapidly and be unfit for canning.


Omit blanching

Process - 2 hours

Sweet green or bullnose peppers are most satisfactory canned, and their use makes a welcome change when the price of fresh peppers is prohibitive. Cut peppers in halves lengthwise, clean out seeds. Pack in hot jars, fitting them in as closely as possible without crushing. Add hot water to cover, and two teaspoons of salt to each quart. Put rubber and cap in position, seal lightly, and process two hours.

To Serve

Chop peppers up in vegetable or meat hash, or fill with corn or tomatoes; add bread crumbs or corn flakes, salt, butter, and paprika. Cook until crumbs are brown. This makes a most appetizing luncheon dish.

Another good combination is to fill peppers with hot cooked rice, add butter or butter substitute, and cover with grated cheese to a depth of one-half inch. Heat in oven until cheese is melted, and serve immediately.


Blanch - corn 5 minutes

Plunge - corn

Process - 3 hours

Succotash is a mixture of sweet corn cut from the cob and shelled Lima beans. Its nutritive value is high, and it can be served in place of a meat dish.

Use the same care in canning corn and beans together as when they are canned separately. Pick the vegetables in the morning and can while fresh. Corn should be blanched for five minutes in boiling water, then plunged into cold water. Cut from the cob and mix with equal measure of shelled Lima beans. Pack into freshly washed jars to within one inch of top; add salt, a teaspoon to a quart, and hot water to fill jar. Adjust rubber, cover, and seal lightly. Process three hours.