This term refers to a process of dipping a fruit or vegetable in boiling water only long enough to remove the skin without loss of pulp.


To blanch is to quickly boil the fruit or vegetable in enough water to completely cover it, for a short time before the canning process begins. This is best done by placing the material in a wire basket or a cloth bag, which can be lowered completely into the water. This process eliminates acids and sticky substances from the fruits or vegetables, sets the color and softens and shrinks the material so that it packs into the jar to much better advantage.

Cold Dipping

By this is meant the rapid cooling of the fruit or vegetable in cold water immediately after scalding or blanching. The material is cooled and packing made easier.

Processing or Sterilization

This is nothing more or less than boiling or cooking the packed jars or cans after they are placed in the cooker.

The Cold Pack Explained

Cold packing is taking the place of the old-fashioned open- kettle method and is a contrast to it in that the food, previously prepared by washing, scalding, blanching, etc., is packed into the jars in a cold and raw condition and then the jar or can is filled with either water, syrup or brine, placed in the cooker and boiled for specified length of time. There is no previous cooking outside the jars with the cold pack method, the fruit is not broken up by transferring from kettle to jar; the lessened handling of the materials saves both time and labor.

When using the BUTLER CANNER there in another saving of time. Each BUTLER OUTFIT has removable racks which may be loaded with filled jars lifted into and out of the cooker.


This is a weak salt solution used in packing vegetables. Most easily made by adding one teaspoon of salt to the quart jar after it is packed and filled with water.


A sugar solution of varying thickness, depending upon the use and nature of the fruit and individual taste. Syrup should be boiled for 3 to 5 minutes before pouring over the fruit to insure a good solution.