Vegetables to be "stored" for winter are merely put where they will be under conditions, as nearly as possible, like those Nature intended them to have, and where the presence of bacteria will be discouraged, and the evaporation of water from the plant tissues, causing them to wilt or shrivel, will be as far as possible prevented. Storerooms, cellars and vegetable-pits are familiar to most people. It is, however, surprising how little use is made of some of the simple methods of keeping vegetables over winter where there is not a storeroom or a good cellar. These may be found described in detail in the chapter on the storing of vegetables and fruits.

And so, after all, the general principles involved in the matter of saving food for future use are not complicated, and the work by modern methods is not difficult. If you would live more cheaply and more healthfully than you have heretofore, "save it for winter!"