Butter a deep pie dish and place an egg-cup in the centre, then fill the dish with thin slices of apples, which have been pared and cored. Sprinkle thickly with sugar, and dot with small pieces of butter, then dredge lightly with flour, and pour in about a quarter of a cupful of water. If liked a few pieces of stick cinnamon or cloves may be added. Place a rim of pastry about the edge of the dish, pressing on the inside, but leaving the outer edges free and un touched, then brush over with a little water, and put on the top crust. Make a cross cut in the centre, and decorate with a pastry rose made as follows: Roll out some of the pastry as thin as possible, cut a large square, and fold it as many times as you can, then gather the corners together, wet them, and press together tightly. With a sharp knife cut a cross through the pastry ball, and fold back the leaves. Place this in the centre in the hole, and brush the pie with milk or the yolk of an egg beaten up with a little water, and sprinkle coarse sugar on top. Bake about 30 minutes. Serve hot or cold. When serving, lift the inverted egg-cup in order to free the juices.