Banana Mould I

Soak 1 oz. of gelatine in cold water for half an hour. Take 3 cups of milk and bring to the boil, then draw away from the fire, add 3 eggs slightly beaten,

2 tablespoons of sugar and the gelatine drained from the water, stir until the gelatine is dissolved, then remove from the fire.

Put a layer of sponge cake in the bottom of a mould, then bananas sliced and bits of raspberry or strawberry jam, repeat this until the mould is about two-thirds full, then pour the custard over and leave till cold and set. Serve with whipped cream.

Banana Mould II

6 bananas; 1 oz. gelatine; 3 eggs; pineapple or any kind of jam; 4 cups milk; 2 tablespoonfuls sugar; lady-fingers or sponge cake.

Bring milk to boiling point, add sugar and gelatine dissolved previously in a little water and stir over fire until gelatine is thoroughly dissolved. Draw away from fire, and add eggs well-beaten, cook for a minute or two, but do not allow to boil, otherwise egg will curdle. Put a layer of lady-fingers or thin slices of sponge cake at bottom of a mould, next a layer of bananas sliced, and bits of jam. Repeat till mould is about two-thirds full, then pour boiling custard over, leave till quite cold, and turn out.