Canned Pear Mould I

Drain a jar of canned pears. Make two cupfuls of custard and add to it 1/2 oz. of gelatine dissolved in one cupful of pear juice. Pour this custard into a wet mould and allow to set. Turn out when firm. Dip pears into a little of the juice containing a few drops of yellow colouring, arrange them on the custard, put a little mould of pear jelly in the centre and decorate with whipped and sweetened cream put through a forcing tube.

Canned Pear Mould II

Pour a little red gelatine into a wet mould and allow it to set. Drain one can of pears and rub them through a sieve. Mix the pulp with one tablespoonful of gelatine dissolved in one cup-ful of milk, 1/2 cupful of sugar and one cupful of whipped cream. Stir occasionally until cool, then pour into the mould. When firm turn out and decorate with chopped red gelatine. Serve with cream, plain or whipped.