Pickled Cabbage. - I

Remove the outside coarse leaves, cut in four, then shred the cabbage finely. Sprinkle well with salt, mix it up, and leave for 24 hours. Drain thoroughly, then put into jars, and pour over spiced vinegar as above.

This pickle will be ready for use in a fortnight, after which it will lose its crispness.

Pickled Cabbage - II

Chop or shred sufficient cabbage to make eight pounds, add to it three onions chopped fine, and one or two green and red peppers cut into strips. Put a layer of this in a stone par, sprinkle with some salt, then another layer of cabbage, and continue until all the cabbage is used up. Next day take it out and press through a colander. Return the cabbage to the stone jar, putting some mustard seeds and one or two cloves in between layers of cabbage. Do not pack tightly. Cover with good cider vinegar, and after the cabbage has well settled add more vinegar, and continue this until the cabbage is thoroughly moistened with vinegar.

Red cabbage may be pickled the same way, leaving out the peppers.

Pickled Cabbage. - III

Chop up sufficient cabbage to make ten pounds, sprinkle over two tablespoons salt, and let stand for two hours, then mix with one cup mustard seeds, one teaspoon ground allspice, one cup brown sugar, one tablespoon black pepper, two cups chopped onion, and one or two chopped red peppers. Cover with good cider vinegar, put into jars, and seal.