Pickled Onions. - I

Use small white onions, let them stand in a strong salt and water solution for four days. Then make another strong brine, bring to boil, put in the onions and boil for five minutes. Drain and let them lie in cold water for half a day. Put into bottles, filling spaces with mustard seed, whole mace, and peppercorns. To one gallon vinegar add one cup sugar, bring to the boil, and pour over onions, filling bottles to overflowing. Cork and seal while hot.

Pickled Onions. - II

Scald well picked onions by pouring boiling water over them, then remove the outer skins. Then put into brine as directed at the beginning of the Chapter and leave for 24 hours. Drain and put into jars, then pour over spiced vinegar as above. Will be eatable in three months' time, but will be nicer if kept longer.