Small Cucumber Pickles. - I

Wash and wipe 100 small cucumbers, cover them with boiling brine, made according to directions given at the beginning of this chapter, and let stand 24 hours. Then remove them, wipe, place in clean jars, and cover with hot vinegar, spiced with an onion, twelve whole cloves, two tablespoons mustard seeds, and one or two blades of mace. They will be ready for use in two weeks.

To preserve the green colour of cucumber add parsley to the vinegar some days before it is used. It will acquire a green colour.

Small Cucumber Pickles - II

Wash and wipe ten pounds small cucumbers, and peel two pounds pickling onions, cover them with a brine, and allow them to stand 24 hours. Then drain and add one or two green and red peppers, seeded and chopped. Put into jars, and to each quart of pickles allow two cups cider vinegar and half cup brown sugar. Put the vinegar together with the sugar, two tablespoons celery seeds, one tablespoon whole cloves, one tablespoon whole allspices, and a few pieces stick-cinnamon into a saucepan, bring to boiling point, and boil for five minutes. Then pour hot over the pickles and seal. Will be ready for use in two months.