Canned fruits, vegetables, and preserves should be stored in a cool, dry place, where it is neither too dark nor too light. In a warm, damp place, preserves will ferment, especially if not sufficiently cooked. The sugar in preserves will also crystallise if the atmosphere is too warm. An ideal place for storing should be cool and dry, with plenty of air circulating.

To Use Canned Vegetables And Fruits

To use canned vegetables, the contents of the jars should be exposed to the air for an hour or more before using, in order that they may become re-oxygenated, when they will be improved in flavour and will taste much fresher.

When a jar of canned fruit is opened the fruit should all be used, as it will soon ferment, unless the remainder is re-sterilised by putting the jar in a saucepan of water, bringing it to boiling point, and allowing it to boil for a few minutes; then remove from water and screw down the lid tightly.