Concord grapes. Sugar.

Pick sound ripe grapes from the stems, then weigh them and put them into a preserving pan with water sufficient to almost cover them. Set at the back of the stove where they will heat but not boil. Stir occasionally until soft, then strain through a jelly bag. Do not squeeze the mixture. Measure the juice, add one-half cupful of sugar to every quart and boil for four minutes.

Bottle and seal.

Another Method: Crush sound grapes and heat them to one hundred and eighty degrees Fah., but do not boil.

Strain the juice through cheesecloth, then pour into bottles or jars but do not cork. Stand the bottles on a rack in a wash-boiler and let boil for one minute.

Remove, cork and seal.

Uncooked Grape Juice

Grapes. Tartaric add. Water. Sugar.

Wash and weigh the grapes, then crush, and to every six pounds of the fruit add one quart of water in which two ounces of tartaric add has been dissolved. Allow to stand over night. In the morning, press through a fruit press or strainer, then add three-fourths the same amount of sugar.

Bottle cold.