Loganberry Jam

Loganberries. Sugar.

Crush some loganberries thoroughly, heat them in a covered kettle, then simmer gently for thirty minutes. Add one pound of sugar for every pound of fruit, and boil for another thirty minutes.

Loganberries with strawberries are delicious. Take equal quantities of the fruits, then weigh them. Take one pound of sugar for every pound of mixed fruit, and proceed as with the above jam.

Pour into glasses and cover with melted paraffin.

Matrimony Jam

2 lbs. apples. 2 lbs. pears. 2 lbs. plums. 5 1/2 lbs. (11 cups) sugar.

Pare and core the apples, and stone the plums. Put the stones of the plums and the parings of the apples into a preserving pan with two cupfuls of water. Simmer for thirty minutes and strain.

While this is cooking peel and core the pears. Cut the apples and pears, and have them ready.

Put the strained juice in the preserving pan with the sugar, and when it boils, put in the apples, pears and plums.

Boil for thirty minutes, then pour into glasses and cover.