12 firm oranges. Sugar. 6 ripe lemons.

Wash and dry the oranges and lemons, then slice them as thin as possible, removing the seeds. Put them into a preserving pan with three pints of cold water to every pound of fruit. Let stand for twenty-four hours, then boil until tender and let stand for another twenty-four hours.

Add one and one-fourth pounds of sugar to every pound of boiled fruit, and boil until the chips are transparent and the syrup will jelly.

Remove from the fire and when cold put into glasses and cover with paraffin.

Another Method: Nine bitter oranges, four lemons, three sweet oranges, four quarts of water, eight pounds of crushed lump sugar, and one wineglassful of brandy. Cut across the grain of the oranges and the lemons as finely as possible, place in a deep crock, add the water, and allow to stand for forty-eight hours, then add the sugar and boil for one hour, adding the brandy when nearly done.