Tomato Jelly

Ripe tomatoes. Sugar.

Choose ripe, sound tomatoes, quarter them, and place them in a preserving pan over a bright fire until the juice runs freely; then strain and measure and for each pint of juice allow one pound of sugar.

Put the juice into a clean preserving pan and boil for thirty minutes, then add the sugar, which should be heated, and boil for ten minutes.

Pour into glasses and seal.

Ripe Tomato Conserve

Ripe tomatoes. Lemons. Sugar.

Peel the tomatoes, press them and throw away as much as possible of the seeds and juice.

To seven pounds of the firm fruit add five pounds of sugar, and cook slowly together for about two hours. Just before it is done, add four washed lemons cut up fine. Reject the seeds.

Skim out the tomatoes and boil down the syrup.

When thick pour it over the fruit and seal in sterilized jars.