Tomato Preserve No. 1

Proportions. Eight cups of tomato pulp; three lemons; six cups of sugar; a small spice bag (stick cinnamon, and whole cloves.)

Method. Use firm red or yellow tomatoes that have few seeds. Pour boiling water over tomatoes, then plunge them into cold water and slip off the skins. Remove any blemishes and cut tomatoes, placing them in a preserving kettle. Cut four thin slices from center of each lemon, remove the seeds, use juice and clear pulp from the ends; add this and spice bag to tomatoes and let simmer for one hour. Add half of the sugar and boil a half hour, then add rest of sugar and as soon as dissolved begin to test the mixture. When the juice jellies take from stove, remove the spice bag, and place preserves in scalded glasses. When cold, cover with paraffin and seal.

Tomato Preserve No. 2

(An old German recipe)

Proportions. Four pounds of tomato pulp; four tart, sour apples; three lemons; four pounds of sugar; two sticks of cinnamon, and twelve cloves.

Method. Select firm red or small yellow tomatoes, scald them, then plunge in cold water. This loosens the skin, which can then readily be drawn off. Remove the stems and any blemishes, cut into quarters, and lay in colander to drain off the superfluous juice. Pare and core the apples, and cut them into slices. Pare the lemons in order to remove all the white skin, then slice them and remove seeds. Tie the spices in a little cloth, then place fruit and spices in a preserving kettle. When at boiling point stir in the sugar and boil gently, stirring often to prevent burning. When preserve is rather thick and clear remove from fire. When cool, place in scalded glasses or jars, cover with cheesecloth until cold, then pour on paraffin and seal.

The juice that has been drained off may be used for soup or sauces.