Every housewife desires to put up for winter and early spring use relishes to serve with meats and other heavy dishes. Delicious relishes can be made with both fruits and vegetables, and the recipes that follow will afford you a variety of the very best.

How To Make Blackberry Relish

To each gallon of ripe blackberries allow two pounds of sugar and one cupful of vinegar, and half an ounce each of cinnamon, cloves and allspice. Place the berries, vinegar and sugar in a preserving kettle. Tie the spices together in a thin muslin or cheese-cloth bag, and add to the fruit. Boil slowly several minutes; then remove, and when cool pass the berries through a sieve, fine enough to remove the seeds. Return to fire and boil as thick as ordinary catsup. Put into jars or bottles and seal.

How To Make Plum Catsup

Wash and drain a gallon of damson or any kind of plums. Cover with a quart of water and cook slowly until tender; then press through a sieve, rubbing through as much pulp as possible. To this amount of plums allow two pounds of sugar, one tablespoonful of cinnamon, and one teaspoonful of allspice and cloves. Simmer, and when the consistency of catsup, put into jars or bottles.

How To Make Spiced Currant Relish

To each gallon red currants allow one and a half pounds of sugar, one pint of vinegar, one pound of seeded raisins, one tablespoonful each of cinnamon, allspice and cloves, tied up in a bag. Boil until the currants and raisins are tender, then remove with a strainer and put into jars. Boil the syrup down to a thick consistency, pour over the fruit, and seal while hot.

How To Make Cucumber Relish

Use ripe cucumbers, and after removing the seeds grate down the pulp into a bowl, and to each quart of pulp add a heaping teaspoonful of salt Let stand several hours, then drain off the liquid. To each quart of pulp allow three large white onions, one pint of clear vinegar, and one teaspoonful each of pepper, ground cloves and allspice-and if not salt enough, add a little more salt. Bring to a boil, then add to the above amount half a cup of sugar, and simmer slowly to the consistency of ordinary catsup.

How To Make Pepper Catsup

Four dozen red peppers, cut up into small pieces. To these add a half dozen small onions, chopped fine, and half a cup grated horseradish, two tablespoonfuls each of celery seed and mustard seed, one quart of vinegar, and one pint of water. Bring to a boil, and let simmer for a quarter of an hour; then add one pound of brown sugar. Boil to the consistency of ordinary catsup, and put into jars or bottles, and seal while hot.

How To Make Apple Chutney

To a dozen tart apples that have been peeled and cut up into bits add half a dozen large tomatoes that have been scalded, peeled and cut up, two sweet green peppers, and one cup of seeded raisins. Place these in a preserving kettle with one quart of good cider vinegar and one pound of brown sugar, two tablespoonfuls of salt, one teaspoonful each of mustard and ginger, and half a teaspoonful of pepper.

Cook slowly for an hour, put into glass jars and seal.

How To Make Gooseberry Catsup

To seven pounds of gooseberries (either ripe or green) allow four pounds of sugar, one pint of vinegar, if the berries are ripe, or one cup, if green, one tablespoonful each of ground cloves and cinnamon, and one teaspoonful each of ginger and allspice. If yon wish a little mustard or pepper may be added. Boil all together, stirring constantly, to the consistency of catsup. Seal in bottles or jars.

How To Make Currant Catsup

To six pounds of washed and stemmed currants add three pounds of light-brown sugar, one pint of vinegar, one tablespoonful of cinnamon, one teaspoonful each of cloves and allspice, and half a teaspoonful of pepper. Boil to the consistency of catsup.

Pass through a sieve, boil five minutes longer, and bottle or seal in jars.

How To Make Gooseberry Chutney

For this chutney use gooseberries that are just beginning to ripen. Add to each pound of gooseberries a quarter of a pound of seeded, chopped raisins. To each four pounds of this fruit mixture add half a teaspoonful of red pepper, two pounds of light-brown sugar, two tablespoonfuls of mustard seed, one tablespoonful each of salt and ginger, and about two scant quarts of vinegar. A little chopped onion or garlic may be added. Simmer slowly about an hour, stirring frequently. Seal up in bottles or small jars. Good to serve with meats.

How To Make Horseradish Catsup

To a quart of grated horseradish add the following mixture, previously well blended together. One cupful each of cider vinegar and olive oil, one teaspoonful of salt, one-fourth cupful of granulated sugar, one tablespoonful of mustard, a quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper, and if desired a little grated onion. Fill jars or bottles, and seal tight.

How To Make Mushroom Catsup

Place the mushrooms in a preserving kettle or earthen vessel, sprinkling each layer with salt. Allow than to stand overnight, then in the morning crush with a wooden spoon, or better, pass through a fine sieve. Add to each quart of the mushrooms three small red peppercorns, a half dozen cloves, a bay leaf, one stick of cinnamon, and a bit of mace. Boil until thick; then thin down to the consistency of catsup with strong vinegar, and seal in bottles or jars.