Cook all the vegetables separately and keep them as whole as possible. The vegetables required are: two dozen small cucumbers, one quart silver-skinned onions, one quart of green tomatoes cut into cubes, one quart of tender, golden-wax stringless beans, one quart of shelled lima beans -not ripe but old enough to shell nicely-one quart of carrots cut into half-inch slices, two heads of celery cut into bits, and two heads of cauliflower. Cover the vegetables with a weak brine, and let stand overnight, keeping each kind of vegetable separate. In the morning, cook in the water in which they have been soaked, until tender, then drain.

Let a gallon of vinegar come to a boil, add two pounds of sugar, a bag of mixed spices, about four or five ounces, and four teaspoonfuls of celery salt. Let remain over the fire until the spices have become well blended with the vine, gar. Arrange the different vegetables in glass jars the way they will look best, then pour over them the boiling hot vinegar, filling the jars to overflowing, then seal. If you do not have enough vinegar to cover all the vegetables, prepare a little more; and also add a little more salt if needed.