To make this mustard pickle different vegetable combinations may be used. The combination given here will be found excellent, however. Take two quarts of small cucumbers, or the same amount of sliced cucumbers if they are large, two quarts of very small white onions, one quart of cauliflower cut up into bits, one quart of celery, one quart of green tomatoes, and a quart of green and red sweet peppers mixed. Soak these vegetables in a brine overnight, using about a half cupful of salt to each two quarts of water. It is best to soak the vegetables separately. In the morning drain off the brine, and cook the vegetables until tender. The onions and cauliflower are best cooked without placing them in the brine, or they may be placed in the brine after being cooked.

Place in a preserving kettle four quarts of good vinegar, and add two pounds of light brown sugar. Let the mixture come to a boil; then stir in a paste made of one pint of water, one cupful of flour, one-half pound of mustard, one tablespoonful of tumeric, and one teaspoonful each of cinnamon and allspice. Let this come to a boil, stirring all the time. Add the cooked vegetables, and bring to a scald, and fill into jars. If you don't care to have these pickles so strong of mustard use only one-quarter pound of mustard, and add one-half ounce of curry powder.