Take two pecks of ripe tomatoes, one pound of brown sugar, one-half dozen of medium-sized onions, one-quarter of a pound of allspice, one-quarter of a pound of green peppers, one-quarter of a pound of whole cloves, one quart of good cider vinegar, one-half teaspoonful of cayenne pepper, and salt.

Scald and peel the tomatoes; place in a kettle with the onions, sliced; add the spices and simmer slowly until the onions are tender, stirring to prevent burning. Rub the pulp through a sieve or colander and place in the kettle again; boil to the consistency of catsup. Add salt to taste. Put in bottles and seal This makes a very toothsome catsup. If you wish a milder catsup, omit part of the pepper, and cut down the amount of the other spices. Cinnamon and mace may be added.