Take two dozen medium-sized firm red tomatoes, one quart of red cabbage, six small peppercorns, two ounces of mixed spices, one quart of chopped beets, one quart of chopped red peppers, one pound of sugar, and one quart of vinegar.

Boil the cabbage and chopped peppers in slightly salted water for about fifteen minutes and drain. Boil the beets in their skins, and when cold remove skins and chop.

Place the vinegar, sugar, and spices (tied in a muslin bag) in a preserving kettle; when the mixture begins to boil add the tomatoes, peeled and sliced, and the other vegetables. Heat thoroughly; put into jars. Boil the vinegar and spices several minutes longer and pour over the vegetables. This makes an excellent red pickle. Salt should be added to make it savory.