Take one-half peck small cucumbers-they should be about two inches long and as uniform in size as possible. Pour over enough brine to cover them, using about one cupful of salt to one gallon of water. Let stand overnight. In the morning place in a kettle three pints of vinegar, one pint of water, one and a half pounds of granulated sugar, one-fourth cupful of cinnamon, broken into pieces, one tablespoonful of cloves, a few tiny red peppers, and one teaspoonful of mace-or, if preferred, mixed spice may be used-but whatever kind is used, tie up in little cheese-cloth bags.

Drain the cucumbers, and wash in two or three waters to freshen them up some, then place them in the vinegar mixture, after it has boiled long enough to get the spices extracted-about twenty minutes. Bring just to the boil again, after the cucumbers have been put in, and then take out the cucumbers with a skimmer and pack them into jars.

Boil the vinegar up again and pour over the pickles in the jars and seal.