For these pickles use only the choicest, ripe yellow quinces of fine flavor. These quinces may be pared or left unpared as liked. If not pared be sure to remove all down and specks. Cut in slices about an inch thick, and weigh. Steam until tender. Make a syrup, using for each four pounds of fruit two pounds of sugar, a cupful of vinegar of medium strength, and a cupful of water, a teaspoonful each of allspice, cloves, and a half ounce of stick cinnamon. Tie the spices in a bag of cheese-cloth, boil with the sugar and vinegar for five minutes, skim well, and pour boiling hot over the fruit. Let this stand overnight, then drain off the syrup, and boil down. Add the quinces and heat through, then put into jars, and pour the syrup, which should be the consistency of molasses, over the fruit.

Seal while hot.