Rhubarb Marmalade

To each three pounds of rhubarb use three pounds of sugar, and the juice and chopped pulp of three oranges, and the grated peel of one. Out the rhubarb into about inch lengths. Cook until soft, then mash to a pulp and add a cupful of figs and a cupful of nut meats that have been passed through the food chopper. Simmer slowly until the right consistency for marmalade, and pour into glasses or jars.

Rhubarb And Prune Marmalade

Take one pound of good prunes, wash thoroughly and soak overnight in enough water to about cover them. Simmer until tender, and pass through a sieve; then add a quart of rhubarb cut up into bits, and three pounds of sugar. Boil to a marmalade, then pour into glasses or jars and seal.

Rhubarb And Raisin Marmalade

Thoroughly wash a pound of seeded raisins. Simmer slowly in a little water until tender; then add one quart of rhubarb cut into small bits, and the grated peel of one lemon or orange, and three pounds of sugar. The raisins should be passed through a sieve before the rhubarb is added. Simmer to the consistency of marmalade.